Video game discussion

By SalsaWithChips — 11 days ago
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Talk about games you like and stuff.
look, i have nothing else to do, OKAY?!?
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I love first two games of Oddworld series ! Does anybody else ? . .
That is what happens when I say Oddworld nobody knows that series :(
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listen pokemon sun and moon
best nintendo games of 2016
---- pokemon go
---- mario run
---- the nintendo switch
sun and moon made me feel
and i actually understood the plot
see when I played b&w I was too young to know what a cult was
I'm Kim, a twelve-year-old piece of hot garbage who snorts memes when nobody is watching. I love D.VA and Hau. @Puggles @Aasdfg @Kawlii @0bscure @Paradise My inspiration is @Crayon
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Hello! welcome to my page, i like: fnaf, horror games, and cute stuff!| If you want to talk to someone you've come to the right place!(i will not judge you.) i make bad drawings but whatevs | i make cringy animatons on youtube so check that out! please dont hate any of meh drawings and of course, game on!
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Destiny, COD and Overwatch are my Favs.
Hello my name is Matrix and I love anime and video games. Plus The Matrix is my fav movie if u can't tell. Oh and I'm 14! (>.
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I'd expect cool ranch Doritos and mountain dew to be your favorite foods as well.
I'm a pretty unusual kid. While all my classmates are going out, talking to girls, making snap chats and playing FIFA, I stay inside making pixel art. But who cares? It's free.
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(If you couldn't tell) I agree with @Kimothy... almost. The fist game that made me feel was actually Pokemon Black. huh, weird.
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"In every laugh there's a bite of happiness"
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Nope. All of you are wrong. The best game is "Frozen: Tooth Doctor". You get to rip the teeth out of that singing ice hag.
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one of my favorite games is transistor. ugh, its simply great. great story, great visuals, great design.
this profile is basically for junk i make open to collabs, requests and whatever i guess
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