How do ya feel about my art?

By Kawlii — December 08
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[ Friends: @Kiaboo @Kimothy @xXQUEENXx @Aasdfg @whatever ]Hello, I'm kawli. I like playing video games and drawing. My favorite color is either crimson or black. I hate it when people use commas where they don't belong and people who dont separate sentences. dont unironicaly use wat, wot, or wut infront of me and thats all. Have a cool day
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I think its fantastic very clean and clearcut. Honestly you're really inspiring to meeee
I'm a terrible person. Please don't follow me. But ask me anything and I'll do my absolute best to do anything for you. also IM SCUM AND @Kawlii DESERVES THIS GO AND FOLLOW HER, FOLLOW @Ivy-Dream AAAAAA I LOVE HER SO MUCH. header by @Ivy-Dream and profile by @puggles @juliano es MI AMIGO, ALERT FAM MATERIAL @0bscure also NSFW @poptotts I think u guys shouldn't talk to me, it's for your sake
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i think tistis ookk
formerly know as @KaiRosa i have came out as strait now, its ya boy Salty Danish herew, im a dude who is 15 and i draw photorealistic negatives, anime is lame and you are too, i speak danish and i dont speak very good englesk" so why noot? i have made strong bonds with useres on this site, and @ThePixelOfArt is riry cool, you should cheek her oot, and ummm, @Fleja2003 is b0ss
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Artwork has certainly gotten better Kawl. When it comes to people - I think you've mastered it. Nothing more to say really lol. Keep it up!
Name- Danny. Age- 17. Gender- Male. Ethnicity- White, Black, Italian and a lot of other stuff. Header by: @Slinky. Inspiration: @XrentheSquid, @Kiaboo, and @XxQueenxX. Friends: @Almost_Everyone_on_Pixilart. Likes: Terraria, Code Geass, Bleach (the anime), Pizza, and Salad. Dislikes: The Undertale fandom, and trolls. Goals: To innovate and break milestones :)
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I don't like it..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!
The brother of gaster? No way! Brother of paparus? Probably. Related to sans? Yes! friends: @juliano @Umliee @PixelPot8os76
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good :)
Im the worst! :D
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Hello! welcome to my page, i like: fnaf, horror games, and cute stuff!| If you want to talk to someone you've come to the right place!(i will not judge you.) i make bad drawings but whatevs | i make cringy animatons on youtube so check that out! please dont hate any of meh drawings and of course, game on!
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