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By shinytama432 — November 03
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hey prankster gangsters if u wanna chat come here and dont worry we locked up explodingtnt and purple shep in a cage if you dont know who pink sheep is searche up pink sheep yep just paste it in into youtube search and there u go you are a prankster gangster bye sorry for all the talk so byeeee
I am a girl who likes Scratch, has an animal jam called Nonmember39, has a Bin Weevils called Toh-Doh641 and a sketchfab called shinytama432.
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BuT daDdy... WhY YOu locKeDMe Up?
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He is the most fab thing in the universe
Hes #2gud4ubro
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I like Pink sheep and Purple shep
#Prankstergangster #Toasterheads
I like to draw animals, landscapes and really random things, like a dog jumping over a building. I also have a cat named Whiskers.
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Hi! :)
Fill your heart with happiness, kindness, and love! God gave you life, and that in itself is special!
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Oh btw did you take his cheese?
take the mouse cheese and burn it in the dorito fire.
Sorry if I snap at you my friends. I'm just feeling angry time to times...(I LIKE WASTING TIME!) (I am done .... Talk to me (if ya want) I won't judge ya. Inspiration : closest friend: @LavaCreeper 189 I am insanit[inˈsanədē] NOUN the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness: "he suffered from bouts of insanity" · [more] synonyms: mental illness · mad
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