What mob should Minecraft add?

By Mavr248 — June 18
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Who thinks that minecraft should add a new mob. And if you do, what are you thinking of adding!

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A mob that dies from looking at your face oh wait that already exists
A gamer that tries to break the limitations by animating things here because i cant animate in ms paint
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Add a pig that could spin around like a ballerina
add a birb
Hamilton Trash
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Dolphins, tamable finches (use seeds), peacocks, sharks, shrimp, & eagles would be kewl!
I have a love for arctic wolves, purple, Pusheen, & Minecraft. I'm addicted to the computer and mocha frappes. I'm also a gamer. Please follow me on Twitter @VideoGamerZap.
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your mom OHHHH
Hamilton Trash
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Um, They Should Probably Add A New Kind Of 'Mini Boss' Which Would Be Some Kind Of:
Fish Monster (Idea, Kind Of Out There)
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