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Your non-average 14 year old kid who loves anime, SU and gaming. And, no. I don't accept requests....
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Hello! I make original pixel art for fun, hope you enjoy my work! I take constructive criticism. I'm...
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Autumn Fire
Herro. :3 Call me Autumn, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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Caught in the Grey
Hi and welcome! lol! i don't have much to say! but i'm some weirdo that just draws ya know!i'm 13 ab...
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Hello Pixilart.net! I'm 16 and i love many different kinds of art! (including pixel art obviously)....
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uh huh
I'm a terrible person. Please don't follow me. But ask me anything and I'll try to help lmao. @Kawl...
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Well, the day is here: sooner than usual. I just want to say I love you all and Im not doing this be...
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Bread Flask
(Header by: @SamaSam) No spam likes please. :)
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Thirza Birahij
I like pretty much everything creative. That's also the reason I love this website!
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