Pixilart Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is effective as of June 3rd 2016.

Pixilart respects each individual's right to personal privacy.
We will collect and use information through our website only in the way disclosed in this statement. This statement applies solely to information collected at http://www.pixilart.net/ ("Site") and may not apply to information we collect about you offline (such as over the phone) or in different situations (such as through email correspondence).
Please take a few moments to read this privacy policy. By accessing the Pixilart Network, you acknowledge that this privacy policy applies to only the services of the Pixilart Network.

Parental Information
Pixilart is a child safe website. There are swearing filters enabled and options to block users. There are no private conversations - every conversation is public. All drawings are reviewed and removed if they are not all-age appropriate. Pixilart is a place for art, learning and socializing.

Age Limit
Pixilart is for all ages. Information we collect and use is as worded inside this privacy policy statement. We recommend parental consent for children under 13 years of age. Information on this website is monitored and removed if it is not socially acceptable for all ages.

Children’s Information
We do not intend children under 13 years of age to use our website without a parent’s consent. We will collect information and accept registration of all ages, but some content might not be suitable for all ages. Reported content is reviewed and removed upon further inspection if it does not meet our all-ages criteria.

Information We Collect
The information we collect is to help provide excellent services that will improve your experience on Pixilart. Information we collect is to identify you, such as your name, e-mail address, and username.

Our systems only gather "Basic Personal Information" (BPI) such as "e-mail, username, first name, and last name" (first & last name are not required).

If you use Pixilart and create an account via third party applications such as 'Facebook' or 'Twitter' - we collect just the basics of information which much be approved before the account creation is completed. We cannot alter or see the information on those third party applications.

We collect and use your BPI when you register for special services (e.g. news, notifications). We use your BPI to help customize advertising and content available on the Pixilart Network, to send you information about notifications, alerts, news, products, and services.

Non-Personal Identifiable Information (e.g. IP address, hardware information)
Our servers will automatically record such information to help understand how a person operates and performs on the website to help improve and track components that are listed below. This information is logged and referenced by our administration team.

Cookie Data
Like many Internet sites, we use “cookies” to collect information. Pixilart uses cookies to collect information to track usage. Cookie tracking is used to monitor views on all photo types. Cookie sessions are used to store account data locally or on the server side for your conveniences. Other cookies may be used by advertising and third party tools/resources.

We cannot guarantee the information we collect is completely secure. The Internet and its ability to transmit data isn't flawless, and there is no current method of guaranteeing complete security. However, we will do our best to protect and secure your information.

Artwork Privacy
Pixilart has an option to set images to 'private', 'protected', and 'public'. Private images are images that only the account creator and admins can see. Protected images are images that are only viewable by URL. Public images are images that show in profile and public galleries.

When We Might Disclose Information
As part of our regular business conduct, we may share information with companies or individuals providing services or acting on our behalf, such as companies providing technological or fulfillment services. In the event that there is a change of corporate ownership, the new owners will of course be provided with our files, including information you have submitted. We will also share information with government officials, including law enforcement officials or court authorities, in order to cooperate with a legitimate investigation.

Unless we tell you first (such as at the time we collect information from you), or unless it is part of a specific program or feature in which you have elected to participate, we do not share personally identifiable information that we have collected (such as name or email address) with other third-party companies for their own commercial or marketing purposes.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or our policies, please contact us at:

email: [email protected]