New year's resolution

By carrotkitty — January 01
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1. To get The midnight star
2. Stop procrastinating.
Oya Oya? I'm Carrot. I like Anime, Haikyuu, Attack On Titan, Volleyball, BL, and drawing.
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my new year resolution is full HD
actually wake up on time for school (will never happen)
Hey there! I've decided that I'm going to be taking a long break from Pixilart. However, I'd love to keep in touch with you guys. You guys are amazing and I want to continue to talk to all of you. My Discord is HissingPigeon#4621 and my email is [email protected] // Thanks so much to @Hetsuna for my beautiful header!
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My New years resolution list:
-Be outside
-lose weight (I'm fat)
-Realize it's too late to make a list.
About? Now listen here you piece of crap, you want me to go out of my way, to write a stupid paragraph, JUST to tell people about me? that's the dumbest idea ever. who would put time into writing anything here? it's plain idiotic. pixilart, please remove this feature, it is pointless and has no meaning whatsoever.
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Let's hope that it's better than 2016 has been. * looking back at the 2016 disaster and drama *
Hello there, I'm AC! I make artwork like any other, Here are some pals: @UltiDaisy, @GamingNerdial, @SamaSam, @Wowzers, @MrHenkAlot, @SmokeyTheMenish, @SuperDuperDoopy, @Strangefox, @Iamnotcreative, @Juliano and many more! Profile Pic By: ( Insert User )
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Goals: "To Innovate and Break Milestones"
Name: Danny, but you can call me Fleja, Ista, or swagga. Age: 17. Ethnicity: Italian, Black, and White. Likes: Code geass, girls, and Terraria. Dislikes: Trolls, drama and FairyTail. Medias: My Discord - . My Youtube Channel - Favorite Pixil Artist: @Slinky. Goals: To Innovate and Break Milestones :)
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new years resolution : don't make resolutions (been kept since 2012)
Get off my lawn
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My New Years Resolution: To do much better as I did last year in school.
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New Years Resolution = To think of a New Years Resolution for 2018
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less screaming
less crippling depression
get a real tumblr
more memes
more mints
better ocs
better art
I'm Kim, a twelve-year-old nerd who is a little bit too headstrong for her own good. I am French and African American, and I'm Cryo_Kimothy on overwatch. I main D.VA, Lucio, Orisa, Mercy and Sombra. It's my dream to play in a competitive overwatch tournament. Warning - my art takes forever, and I am really into dark humor. @Puggles @Aasdfg @Kawlii @0bscure @Paradise @Kiaboo
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