If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about a user or artwork. Please let me know. :)
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BRIXEN @redcakeking
im getting like all my freinds to join so keep up the good work (^-^)
12 days ago
18 days ago
Pixilart commented on this drawing.
"Please block any users that you find bothering you. And please report any issues to me and I can help resolve the situation. Thank you! :) "
18 days ago
thank you guys so much for inventing this, it is the closest thing i can get to social media other than google+ and the drawing adds such a nice way to communicate with your freinds.
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jerry zhang @jerry56
pixilart some people is making bad comments about my drawing they said your drawing is a piece a garbage
17 days ago
Pixilart @Pixilart
You can block any users that you don't want comment on your pictures. Let me know if you need further help! Thank you! :)
17 days ago
cat with bow tie @waddles
pixel art, could you guys make a way to switch your primary color with your secondary color, i have a chrome book and its really hard to right click with
17 days ago
23 days ago
I wouldn't be able to do my school project if it wasn't for this website. It is also really fun just to doodle on it!
24 days ago
I really only do art on this sight! You are so amazing! thank you for inventing this wonderful website
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I got No name XD XD @WhatsUpPeeps
sorry but i have an OCD for spellings....
2 days ago
Ella Grey @FrisksSoul1
lol i know what u mean
2 days ago
Hashirama Senju @I-am-Awesome
did u make the web alone or with someone else's hep
25 days ago
28 days ago
Finally a pixel drawing website that cuts the bullcrap and lets us get right to drawing! Very well made interface :) love it!
29 days ago
hey i LOVE your website. its awesome and thank you for liking my posts too. thank you so much and enjoy making those little story's in the description of my posts its so fun.
January 21
Hello! For probably the hundredth time you've heard it, YOUR WEBSITE IS AMAZING! I have a quick question, when is the new drawing application coming out? I want to get on it ( because it will be epic just like everything else on this site) Thank you!
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Willers Bergesen @WillersB
27 days ago
January 20
you guys are amazing for creating this i am totally addicted !!
January 16
hello pixilart you are doing amazing job on your site its truly amazing how much it improved since i first joined keep up the good work :3
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Skye @NintendogTM
this website is cool enough
23 days ago
Paulie @Paulie
23 days ago
January 11
Thank you for the amazing pixel-art tool. I've never before seen a tool that allows the creation of animation/gifs. It's truly remarkable.
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Raul Zavala @Brawlingcat
hey pixilart it might just be my computer but when it try the tracing thing it doesn't work it shows that the url is in and i have it on but it won't work and it's really annoying so could you just reply to tell me whats happening maybe look into it for me here is the url im using https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTqxw3GTvdtqLPYGnrQ5rypyJglc11OFkoIHI3JuLylGT1vzBw1:pre01.deviantart.net/942c/th/pre/f/2013/315/d/b/erec_rex_bookmarks_by_mushroomdreamer-d6tx1b2.jpg and it was working before but it just stopped.
January 12
Should I change my profile pic @Hominick
@pixilart same with me but i'm on my chromebook.
January 12
January 11
hello and good evening/morning. I really adoring your website! But i have a question. Will your site have app in future? i really wanna know. 'Cuz i prefer phone than computer.
Pixilart @Pixilart
I do plan on supporting mobile and tablets with the new drawing application and an official mobile app in the App Store. Thank you! :)
January 11
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