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8 days ago
Love the site, can't wait for the drawing application! Great work!
17 days ago
I appreciate this website everyday and it brightens my day to draw art. This website has also gotten me through some hard times. Thank you for creating this magnificent, creative, and beautiful website. :) - Pixelsfordays
Claire Solamo @PvP-boy-Aaron
I love art/pixel art too. I also do it for my school.
14 days ago
Mystic Wizard @bobbybear
I love pixel art! Hopefully one day I might get a staff pick to!
8 days ago
27 days ago
Pixilart commented on this drawing.
"Onion skins will be added in the new drawing application. Thanks for the feedback! :)"
27 days ago
‪Pixilart is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. Please check back later for updates! Thank you! :)‬
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Kitty 297 @Fluffy
pixel art pls approve my stamps.
22 days ago
Kitty 297 @Fluffy
Ur not pixel art vuk gajic
3 days ago
Squidney Dancer @SquidneyK
And you're a person that makes it amaaaaaaazing!
9 days ago
Kween Rosey @RoseyAndDarky
9 days ago
30 days ago
Hey Pixilart, thank you for showing me such a great site.If i hadn't of come on here, i dont know what i would've done.Thank you thank you THANK YOU SO MUCH PIXILART!! YOU truly mean the best to me,i hope this awesome community gets larger all the time,as it deserves to be!!
February 21
I love this site, it is quite addicting and fun!!
KweenAmiri @KweenAmiri
I agree, I spend hours on here
February 21
Ella Grey @FrisksSoul1
Ikr?! I can be on here forever
February 23
BRIXEN @redcakeking
im getting like all my freinds to join so keep up the good work (^-^)
February 08
February 02
Pixilart commented on this drawing.
"Please block any users that you find bothering you. And please report any issues to me and I can help resolve the situation. Thank you! :) "
February 02
thank you guys so much for inventing this, it is the closest thing i can get to social media other than google+ and the drawing adds such a nice way to communicate with your freinds.
January 29
I wouldn't be able to do my school project if it wasn't for this website. It is also really fun just to doodle on it!
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